NEW William and Morris arrive at the LM&WR - pictures here

NEW Kite Flying and Model Railway Weekend - pictures and story

NEW Miniature Warning Lights commissioned - pictures here

We have a Carriage Shed (well we're not sure what to call it and it hasn't got a rail connection yet, but it's on site!) Story HERE.

Spring Lambing, Easter 2006 and Wiltshire Woolly Day - running days, but not without incident.  Story and picture HERE

Winter  2005/6 - Lots of work put in with a loop line laid and a second platform constructed.  Pictures HERE

28th/29th August - We gave in excess of 600 rides and sold our 2000th ticket!  See the gallery for the pictures.

14th August - Kite Flying Day, the first use of the complete circuit. See the gallery for the pictures.

9th August - The circuit is complete - see here for the big event and the gallery for pictures through the day.

8th August  - More rail has arrived.  See here for the gory details and some pictures

6th August - Work has started on moving the station and completing the circuit.  Se the gallery for the work achieved on day 1. Go to the gallery

26th July - Plans are afoot to complete the circle in time for the running day on the 14th August.  We need 29 5 yard track panels (13 made so far) and "station enabling works" have started.  There is to be an extension to the Booking Office and I may be gaining a lambing hut.

It's all happening - watch this space!

9th June - Pictures of Shirley at the Bath and West Show added - go to the gallery

26th May - Sorry for the delay in updates but I've been busy. 

bulletPictures of our loan engine; - see the pictures in the Gallery
bulletThe first trial of Topsy; and- see the pictures in the Gallery
bulletDairy Day (where Lady Mari Jaqueline did a fine days work  - see the pictures in the Gallery

17th April - Shirley is steamed for the first time - see the pictures in the Gallery

10th April - Shirley joins the LM & WR - see the pictures in the Gallery

19th/20th March 2005 - Spring Lambing Event

This was a very successful event.  For more details click here - Spring Lambing.

When you have finished there, look over the pictures in the Gallery!

1st March 2005

Pictures of the latest works added (see Photo Gallery) - only two weeks to the first running day!!

9th February 2005

GREAT NEWS - the Green Light n

We have just received permission from Wiltshire College Lackham to continue the circuit around the Wildflower Meadow.  All I need now is another 100yds of track, another set of points and a turntable!

January 2005

Old Boilers

One thing I like is memorabilia and preferably memorabilia that has a function.  As a result I bought the old water boiler from Market Rasen buffet, hoping I could re-commission it on the LM&WR.  This is not turning out as easy as I thought!

Have a look at the following page and see if you could help me.

Water Boiler

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