Not the usual gallery picture format, but there aren't many pictures this time.

Why, well Robert and I had a trip to Devon today, Beer to be accurate (in this context that's a place, not a drink!) and the place, Beer, Seaton, Devon should be instantly familiar to anybody who has had a train set and wanted to extend the track!

It is the home of Peco (well known for making model railway track points etc., in many gauges).

So why was I there, well, when most people visit Peco they come back with some track however, when I go to Peco, I come back with a different sort of track!

We left early enough, but the traffic was much heavier on the way back (and of course we had to find time to look in the workshop, steam sheds AND have a ride on the train) - and a very professional operation it is to.  (We could have been later, but both the "Toolbox" (at Colyton) and Axminster Power Tools were both shut!

So we didn't get back until around 14:30 (and hadn't eaten!)  However we made some progress, as the few photos below show.

Tomorrow is going to be a very busy day!

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Grahame meditating at the entrance to Maddy's Meander - "Om!"
Constructing a curved panel with some of the rail from Peco (ready curved to around a 35' radius).  The only problem is that we are turning the rails to use the unworn edge.  (See if you can work out what problem that has given us!)
The station area with one of the curved panels completed.  Can you see the problem with the points
The entrance to Maddy's Meander, now I know that Narrow Gauge track can be a little "rough", but I think a bit more work is needed here!