Old Boiler

This is believed to date from around the late 1950's from the buffet at Market Rasen station.  (See the pictures below).

I have been in touch with the current Manufacturers and whilst they were as helpful as they could be, but could not provide some of the critical information.  With his permission, I have repeated the e-mail they sent me here.

I bought it to put in the booking office and provide the hot water for the tea for the workers!  Unfortunately I'm not sure if it runs of Town Gas, Natural Gas or will run off LPG.  I also suspect that it won't meet modern safety legislation (for example, there is no gas cut-out if the pilot goes out.)

Are there any gas engineers out there (preferably Corgi registered) that could have a look and advise me what I need to do to get it working (safely and legally!)?

Contact me on peter@lmandwr.co.uk

Thanks in anticipation

The boiler, off the burner.  The outlet spout and the edges of the cistern at the rear
Makers name plate.  Now Burco.  They have no records unfortunately
The boiler on the burner
That must pack some heat!
Lots of individual burners
The gas inlet and pilot ?
Makers name again
Rating plate - any idea what gas it is designed for?

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