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I've gathered so many pictures over the period that I've been running that to make it easier I have now arranged this in reverse chronological order, so click on the year below to see the pictures.

I've added some notes to jog your memory about what happened that year.


In February and March we added a crossover and a second platform ready for the first event of the year (Spring Lambing in mid March)

Kite Flying and Model Railway Event was a busy time.  Even though it was busy we had time for driver training and took our youngest passenger yet!

William and Morris joined us in late August.


This was declared to be a year of "Consolidation"  Yeah Right!  By Easter we had over 200 yards of track and by July a complete circuit.  If we do that when we "consolidate" what happens when we plan to do something!  Lady Mari Jacqueline (1/4 scale Hunslet) joined us in January and Shirley joined us in May time.  We gaive nearly 2,500 in 2005!


We started off the year with a portable track at Spring Lambing.  That was a very wet weekend.  By the end of the year we had about 150 yards of up and back and a tunnel in the old Animal Park


Our first time at Lackham using a portable track loaned from ESSMEE to see what interest there was in a miniature railway at Lackham.  As we are still here, there must have been some!