Miniature Warning Lights

These Miniature Warning Lights (MWL) apparently came from a resignalling on Southern Region.  I purchased them from a seller on Ebay.  They have been sitting in my garage for about 2 years awaiting the right time to fit them.

Well I have now built 3 boards of 7 track circuits and as I also have a pedestrian crossing it was time to apply them.

There are two track circuits, one each side of the crossing with a central section that can be switched to either of them.  This gives me the option of bidirectional running.  The lights are welded to the top of 2" steel tube which itself slides into a second tube concreted into the ground.  The electrical connections is through plug and socket.

The lamps in the  MWL are standard BR SL35 12v twin filament. Audible warning comes from a Yodalarm (also as used on the railway).  This is 24v device.  The various power supplies; 5v for track circuit, 12v for relays and lamps and 24v for Yodalarm are derived from a single computer ATX power supply (8!).  These will also take in 110v as an input voltage as all power to the railway comes from a building site isolation transformer that gives 110v from 55-0-55. (Safe touch voltage). 

MWL at Red

..and MWL atGreen

The gubbins that detects the trains and controls the MWL! 

Computer power supply back left, track circuits front left, normal/reveres running switch front right and control relays back right

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