Why the "Lackham Museum and Woodland Railway Company Limited" was created

LM & WR Co. Ltd - background to the company.

The Lackham Museum and Woodland Railway Limited is a Private Company Limited by Shares, Company Number 04745053, incorporated 25th April 2003 (all these details can be obtained from Companies House!)

Why have a company?

I considered it sensible to separate what is in effect a "business" (with all the potential problems) from my personal life. In retrospect (and 20/20 hindsight is a wonderful thing) I should have made the Company one that is "not for profit", I didn't and it will cost a reasonable amount of money to make the change now, so I will live with what we have got! However, looking at the revenues to date and the planned extensions (should they all happen), making a profit is likely to be the least of my worries!

The staff

The Directors of the Company are Peter Sheppard, Jackie Sheppard and Grahame Every. Peter Sheppard is also the Company Secretary. No staff are paid (sorry Grahame!)

What does LM & WR Co Ltd. do?

Lackham Museum and Woodland Railway Company Limited is is the "entity" that owns the infrastructure of the railway, in other words it owns the track, the tunnel/workshop, the platforms and the station buildings. As infrastructure is added e.g. more track, signals etc., it is added to the Company asset register. The rolling stock is owned by private individuals and is "loaned" to the LM & WR for use on the running days.

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