Who are the LM & WR

(aka Rogues Gallery)

If you look on the records at Companies House you should find the directors listed as Peter Sheppard, Jackie Sheppard, Paul Stanford and Phil Harper-Smith. (Jackie is a sleeping partner!) We also have great support from my youngest son (Robert) and Tim (a friend of Pauls).

Peter Sheppard


I am a safety consultant in the day job, getting involved in the safety analysis of modern signalling systems used in the UK and abroad on mainline and metros.

Robert Sheppard


Robert is in the first year of his Network Rail Track apprenticeship.
Jackie Sheppard

(refused to have her picture uploaded)

Jackie is my very tolerant and understanding wife who has permitted me this excess at Lackham. She is very supportive of the venture and has proof read this website (so if any spelling misteaks remain they are her fault!)
Paul Stanford


Paul works for Customer Service within Network Rail and has a long history of working on miniature and mainline railway in main line use or on heritage railways. Paul has an electric Hymek called Bopper that we hope to use whenever possible during the season.
Phil Harper-Smith


Phil works for a railway consultancy in Swindon and is a part owner of a Garratt locomotive being built for the LM&WR


Terry (the Tractor) Hayward

I don't think that either the college or the railway could survive without Terry. If something needs doing, just ask Terry and it's done! Terry moves our railway materials around, built the fences around the railway and drives the tractor that gives rides on the open days (and drops off our potential passengers near the railway!)

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