None! Nice and easy! One set of points (in the station) uses a point lever from the Miniature Railway Supply Company. The other point has a home brew "locking" arrangement (it is only used to get trains in and out of the workshop. I have 6 kits for semaphore signals (from the drawings in 2004 Seven and an Quarter News) to construct. One will be a junction signal on the approach to the station. Others will probably be used as starters. I have a genuine "Right Away" indicator that was surplus from a resignalling in the South East. That may be sited on the tunnel (it's easily visible from there).

Eventually I hope that there will be track circuits and I plan to drive the signal arms using pneumatics. (That's just the day job coming through!)

So that's all changed.  We now have two sprung points, one lever operated point a three aspect signal (Red, Yellow, Green) in use and a 2 aspect signal (Red, Green) installed, but not commissioned.  I have just finished building three lots of 7 track circuits and the next job is to install miniature warning lights on the pedestrian crossing.

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