Rolling Stock

By virtue of the fact that all the rolling stock has come from my personal collection, coupled with the fact that cost has been one of the most important considerations, I have quite an eclectic mix.

Stumpy was designed for this sort of work (instant start, heavy haulage) and was the first entry on the LM & WR stock list. Stumpy comes with a driving control trailer (DCT) and can take 3 adults or 4 children together with the driver.
Mouland came next. Initially very asthmatic, however following re-packing of the pistons two years ago she has been a stalwart. Mouland currently requires the valve gear inspecting (she runs far better in forward than reverse - OK she only runs forward!) Mouland was part exchanged for Shirley
Next came along a bogie passenger truck. OK for kids, but a bit of a squeeze for adults. As Grahame says to our passengers "don't worry, EVERYBODY'S bum looks big in this!" When the next passenger coach is complete, this one will probably be pensioned off. (In fact it was sold during the summer)
Then came Topsy, unfortunately due to commitments elsewhere, Topsy is still on the bench. Topsy will be an electric powered locomotive (freelance narrow gauge design) with an on-board petrol generator to "top up" the batteries whenever possible.
We then had Number 2. (I'm not sure why we called it Number 2, it should have been Number 4, but who's counting!) This is a simple 0-4-0 coupled electric shunter (bought from Mike Palmer at Station Road Steam, together with a driving truck. It needed a new controller. Using circuits in ME I have built a very simple controller (but not very robust!) I feel an order with 4QD coming up! Number 2 has an interesting arrangement in that the electric motor does not reverse, but there is a reversing lever in the cab and it is done mechanically using a "tumbler" gear arrangement.  Now sold on!
Almost last we come to "The Widow" a 1/4 scale Hunslet that was jointly purchased by Grahame and myself at the back end of last year. It was bought virtually complete and I have spent the last three months plumbing and finishing off the centre tank. She got her boiler cert in early January 2005. It is expected that "The Widow" and Stumpy will form the main motive power for the 2005 season.
Bopper, a model of a Hymek locomotive (once prevalent on this region).  Bopper is owned by Paul and named after Paul's dad.  It is powered by 12 batteries and has two Sinclair C5 motors.  We look forward to seeing Bopper run during the 2005 season. 

Paul hopes to have Bopper in service at the Lambing Weekend.

No Good Picture! Finally we have the new passenger truck. This is in a very rough state at the moment needing total refurbishment of bogies, chassis and then a body adding. It is hoped to have the passenger truck ready for March when we open the 2005 season. Now refurbished and in service
Shirley is a 1/3 Scale Bagnall and has proved to be a star performer this year.  She was purchased from Andy in Reading who took Mouland in part exchange.
No Picture The future. I have 3 pairs of Queensland bogie parts that I plan to use to build three 8' long, sit astride passenger coaches. These will be invaluable as the line increases and we may need to run two trains. I plan to construct them through 2005.
No Picture  I have a De Winton under construction - watch this space
No Picture Lackham Trams - a petrol electric hydraulic as a student project - under discussion with the college.  More details as they develop.

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