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The Pheasant Line

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We have been informed by Wiltshire College that the LM&WR have to be off site by summer 2011.

Additionally we have now been told that we cannot run at Spring Lambing due to "Health & Safety" reasons (at the farm, not at the railway)

So, that's it folks!, game over, we're closed!

We have had a great time playing trains and thank you for your support of the LM&WR


Have a virtual trip around the LM&WR on You Tube - HERE



We are situated within Lackham Country Park in the grounds of Wiltshire College Lackham adjacent to the Lackham Museum of Agriculture and Rural Life, situated near Lacock, Chippenham, Wiltshire.

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"Tink" (aka #4) on a lightly loaded train during the Iron & Clay day on July 8th 2007.  She is pulling three new (to the railway) coaches that have recently been purchased from a railway in Cumbria.

I think it is a very nice sight

 Visitors since 13th February 2005


Tink ready to leave Upper Knightsmead sporting a oil fired headlamp that came off a narrow gauge locomotive (at least that's what I was told where it came from!)

Meet Topsy ("it just growed") a new addition to the motive power fleet.
(Oh, meet Phil as well!)

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