Links Page

Lackham Country Park Home of the LM & WR
Wiltshire College Lackham Our Landlord, supporter and with whom we integrate with for education purposes
Stumpyweb The life and times of Stumpy, plus what else I (Peter Sheppard) get up to!
Foster Yeoman Supplier of our ballast
Engineer's Emporium Supplier of the track for part of the extension and purveyor on many fascinating engineering items
Station Road Steam Mike Palmer's site (now in Lincolnshire).  I bought #2 and the 7.25" gauge Railmotor that Robert is re-building
Maxol Boiler Now Burco, but the original manufacturer of the boiler
East Somerset Society of Model and Experimental Engineers (ESSMEE) A fellow group, just down the road in Shepton Mallet, currently building a 7.25" gauge line in the Bath and West Showground



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