Kite Flying Weekend

I was going to say that this was a fairly uneventful weekend, but it wasn't. The weather was very nice.  It was overcast, but warm. There was a breeze from time to time, so the kite flyers were happy.  This was the first run of the new circuit so we were glad of a quiet day (95 riders) to allow us to get the track bedded in and sort out ant problems.

We actually had four problems, two track, one loco and one kite!

Track problems (1) - the train derailed several times at the points just outside High Hole tunnel.  A close inspection showed a very worn railhead that was allowing the flange to strike the nose.  A new switch and closure rail were required.  Temporarily we loosened a few screws and forced the rail across.  Messy, but effective!

Track problems (2) - the train would occasionally derail when coming out the station siding.  This was put down to the fact that whilst I had "notched" the switch into the stock rail, it had left quite an edge when that switch was open. Just a little more machining to do on the stock rail.

Loco problems - we were having great problems with Lady Mari Jacqueline's injector.  It just wouldn't pick up.  Robert stripped it out and an insect was found inside. That was removed but it still didn't work.  However applying a hose (at low pressure) to the water feed pipe and it was OK.  Obviously not enough pressure.  Lady MJ would have to go home an be sorted!  And it had to be in a fortnight ready for the model railway weekend where we hoped to have two trains in steam for most of the day.

Kite Problems - A new one for us. The wind dropped - and so did the kite - right across the tracks.  "Ladies and Gentlemen - the LM&WR wish to apologise for the brief hiatus in service whilst an errant kite is retrieved from the tracks.  Unfortunately I was driving at the time and nobody else got a picture (quite a shame really!)


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